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An Anonymous VPN Your First Line of DEFENSE

A Private VPN Your First Line of Defense...

If you are under the age of 25 the internet knows more about you than your own parents. It is an alarming thought and one that can be inferred by some math.

Currently estimates their are roughly 2.4 billion internet users online as of the 2nd quarter of 2012 and scientists have calculated there are a total of about 446.3 exabytes (446.3 billion gigabytes) of digitally stored data around the world. This breaks down to about 185.5 gigabytes of data per person on the internet. Hard to believe but its true. Some of you reading this dont even have that much data stored locally.

Not quite ready to send your parents to the web to learn all about what your really like in private, think about this Facebook stores up to 800 pages of data about each of it's users. It's not just what you post but everything your ex girlfriend, best friend and that guy you accidently cut off on the way to work has said about you with all of the images and video to boot.

Just take the facebook data and merge it with googles analytics data on every search you have ever made, length of time spent on every blog, webpage, forum and online store that uses google analytics (most do) most viewed Youtube videos and images, plus every link you have ever clicked on a page using google analytics and that 185.5 GB number starts to become more believable. So does the claim that the internet knows more about you than your parents.

By using an anonymous VPN you can limit what data is associated with you. Simply turn it on whenever you feel like you need some privacy. It might not stop your mom from sharing those embarrassing photos of you when you were a kid but that kind of invasion of privacy is cute and nothing like having her stand over your shoulder while your reading a personal email from your wife or girlfriend.

Here is your chance to take back control Buy VPN

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Has been designed by professionals and Privacy Advocates. Our staff is dedicated to keeping your identity private. We are a US based company and the USA has no laws regarding data retention/logging. When choosing a provider make sure you research their countries laws before commiting yourself. Sweden and the EU both have strict data retention laws in effect we offer

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