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In English "Show me your rack" can mean a couple things.

Leaders of the pack

S.M.R Hosting got its name back in 2008 when it was still a dream in David Cox's head.             While working inside a foreign datacenter that IBM would contract him out too his co-worker and friend and now part time employee (me) were discussing starting their own consultant firm. The topic of names came up. Dave said, "Hey! Show me your rack!". When off to his right he heard a high pitch squeek say "What did you say!?!". He looked over and there stood Lisa, a very attractive woman that worked in HR. She walked over some what amused, but mostly enraged. Dave quickly recovered with "S.M.R Hosting, its what I want to name my -- our company." She looked at me and then at him and rolled her eyes, smiled, turned around and walked away.

I don't know if she bought it, I don't even know if he was telling the truth or if he meant to say it to her but chickened out towards the end. About 4 months later when it time to create the company Dave and Lisa were in a relationship. When it was time to name the company there was no question it had to be named S.M.R Hosting.


SMR Hosting colocates and leases servers all over the world. We do not sell someone elses VPN service or their web hosting plans.

Our VPN service has authorization databases located in the USA where there are no data retention laws. Our Web Hosting servers are in Arizonia and Dearborn Michigan.

Secure VPN Service

Best VPN Service

take control of who see's and stores your data. It could possibly save you time, money, internet connection or much more.

Anonymous VPN

More Than VPN's

S.M.R Hosting can work within your budget

We are more than just an anonymous VPN service. We offer top notch SEO services to help put you ahead of the competition.

SEO Services

Great Hardware & Apps

Our staff has been hand picked because of their dedication to duty and their duty is to eat sleep and brethe tech. We specialize in

  • Firewalls & SecuritySearch Marketing
  • Server ManagementLAMP
  • VPN TunnelsAnonymous Surfing
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