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Effective SEO Campaigns Combine Research, Domain Authority & Traffic Analysis

Effective Search Engine marketing doesnt have to be big budget. Effective keyword research and back linking wont break the bank. Instead of finding unique and innovative ways to funnel existing traffic from the competition or industry. When you hire S.M.R Hosting to create a new social media marketing campaign for your site we start by having a good look at you what your domain has to offer, its strengths and weaknesses then we take a look at your target audience, your competition and what they are doing to convert page views to subscribers, customers or members. We assimilate their most effective strategies, your domains best qualities and what we know from experience about your target audience and begin formulating our own campaign.
Our Search Engine Optimization campaigns start with niche, competitor and keyword research. Then we audit and modify the domain. We use proven PR building tactics, proper achors, backlink building, and keyword monitoring. We will do extensive traffic analysis to determine performance and then tweak and optimize further, This is all done over the course of 4-6 months. To fully reap the rewards of organic search engine optimization it will take 6 months or longer but you will see huge traffic gains and with a little bit of hard work a lot of new users.


Aim For Googles Top Spot

SEO Leaders

The level traffic grows expontentially with each listing on the first page of google. So while the 8th listing might be getting 20 visits a month the top spot is likely to be getting 2000. Always aim for number 1
Level 1 SEO/SMM

Link Building 101

Back Link Masters

Back link building is a huge part of Search Engine Optimization. By effectively linking to your landing page you build PR. This is in part accomplished with the effective use of branded anchors.
Level 2 SEO/SMM

More Relative Content

Relative Content or bust

Visitors rarely care about the same things you do. If your content doesnt engages them they wont visit your site. This means less product showcases on new computers in stock and more how to turn your fishtank into a computer.
Level 3 SEO/SMM

Press Releases & SMM

Unified SEO includes Press Releases & Social Media

Press Releases and Social Media Marketing are often used to create lots of high quality backlinks to your pages. Social Media Marketing is great for creating backlinks but it is very time consuming. SMR will create a steady stream of these for you.
Search Engine Marking Plans

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