Anonymous Surfing via a VPN Service

A Personal VPN conceals your IP & keeps you safe

Anonymous surfing sounds nice. Does it work?

To effectively surf anonymously you will need a little bit of knowledge. By landing here you have demonstrated a desire to control access to you and your families most intimate thoughts and actions.

A VPN provider must adhere to their countries data retention laws. European VPN services are required to store your data for one year. The mega VPN provider HMA (hidemyass) resides in the UK and stores your connection data for least one year. A entity holding valuable data may be tempted to sell that data. SMR Hosting is registered in the USA where there are no data retention laws, our connection logs are subsequently destroyed after a client disconnects.

After finding a VPN service provider with acceptable data retention policies connect to your private VPN service with your choosen protocol. Choose your protocol wisely each protocol directly effects your anonymity and connection speed. The three major VPN protocols are:

  • Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol (PPTP)
  • Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol (L2TP/IPSEC)
  • Secure Socket Layer or (SSL VPN)

The tests represented below are based on PC and Laptop clients transferring files larger than 10 MB using three different VPN service providers. Tests were repeated on 2 seperate servers during on peak and off peak hours and compared to a control group without anonymous browsing capabilities.

Testing from a PPTP VPN added 5-15% to file transfers. The downside; PPTP VPNs are blocked and/or throttled more frequently by ISP's. If you are not careful your ISP may be able to identify some of your traffic.

L2TP/IPSEC VPN's are more secure but transfer times increased by 15-40% and fluctuated more based on the quality of connection than any of the other protocols.

Testing from an SSL VPN added 15-30% to transfers; SSL VPN's are considered by many to be the most secure and hardest to detect VPN in the world.

Anonymous surfing requires processor power, if you setup your router as the VPN client we recommend PPTP. Connecting to an IPSEC or SSL VPN could require more processor than a router can provide slowing your transfer speeds down.

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Why hide my IP address?

Internet services and websites mine a vast amount of data about their users. Usually for internal or advertising purposes but it could be for anything. More alarmingly the amount they store will grow 23% each year If the number surprises you or you are concerned about your online privacy and internet security it's a good time to hide your IP address.

Businesses benifit from an IP VPN service too. The layer of anonymity you gain from a private IP VPN and free email account can be used to gain knowledge about your competitors without them knowing their competition is on the other end asking the questions.

SMR Hosting makes IP cloaking simple your personal VPN or business VPN will route ALL of your internet traffic through a gigabit VPN port. No proxy service required to

  • Stop ISP TrackingSurf Anonymously
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